Monday, December 21, 2009


sorry everyone school has been so crazy latley!!! i cant believe that life is going by so fast i mean next year i get to go to jr. high!!! i am super exited! well i go to go hang out with my sisters so ttyl!!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Sorry everyone that i have't posted anything for ever!!!!I have so much going on like some school work, and almost soccer every night! It's crazy! Well anyways I have soccer like every night!!We are doing great!!! we have been winning like 3-0, 4-1, 5-0, 6-0,7-0,8-0 9-0 and 10-0 so as you can see we have been doing pretty good!!Well as I have been thing about what to say I've disitied to post a test and just you a few awnsers and I would love if you would take it to and tell me your awnsers!!!
What is your favorite food:steak
What is your favorite treat:Trix and a milky way
What is your favorite sport: Soccer!
What has been your favorite grade so far:4th
What is your favorite animal: elephant
What would you want your name to be if you you didn't have your oringanal name:Lilly
What is your favorite color; lime green
What is your favorite fruit: Raseberries
Whould you rather ride on a dirt road all the wayt o China or drive for 7 years straight with only vegetables for food: I have so luttly no idea
Who is your favorite celebrity: Selena Gomez, and Emily Osment
What is your main mood: Happy, and Exited
Well I hope that you Have learned alittle more about me! But i guess that this is all for now! But keep posted!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

island park!

wow i don't even know were to Begin island park is the funniest place in the world i mean seirously! my family went with the hassel family and they are such a fun family to be around! well anyways we went boating and four wheeling we got four wheels that i could even drive they were so fun! one time i was driving with Hannah and we were about to go one this sharp turn and i saw a cement truck coming are way so i was going to pull over into the grass and i did not see this little ditch and our tire got stuck and me and hannah both flipped over! i was fine but Hannah scrapped up her knee and elbow but we are both fine!! but something also happend up there and it made mine and Hannah's fall look like nothing!!! so as you know we were up there with the Hassel family and the dad named Guy went on a little four wheeling ride with Kambrie his daughter she is eight years old and the went on a little four whelling ride while they were gone me and the rest of the kids were playing games and watching Annie! Hannah and my dad were walking outside to get on another four wheeler to catch up with Guy and Kambrie and when they walked out the door they were shooked they ran inside to grab paper towels and said to call 911! do you want to know what happend i hope you said yes because here it is!!!!! the were in a four wheeling accident holding hands walking up in the cabins drive way and Guy and Kambrie were both in shock Guy the dad was gray and white and could barrely walk and kambrie you could not even see her face it was all blood!!! guy walked right into his bed room to lay down Cari Guys wife and Kambries mom grabbed kambrie and ran into there bed room me and Lexie she is 12 ran about half a mile to find the four wheeler and on are way on the dirt road we say both of there helmets and Kambries had blood in it then we saw that the four wheeler was still running and was way out into the weeds so me and Lexie got on the four wheeler and we were going about 2 miles an hour because we were both scared about what happend to Guy and Kambrie!! after that me and Lexie went inside the house to get the rest of the kids and we went outside to try to hear the ambulance and show them where we are cabin is! the ambulance people came running in the they back bed room were guy and kambrie are and they check both of them and say that the should be fine but just in case the should go to the nearest hospital in island park which was an hour away so they headed out and got home about 1 in the morning! they are both fine besides guy has to ice his back every night for about six weeks and kambrie her face just has marks everywhere and her lip can almost tough her nose how swollen it is!!! i just feel so bad for her!!! but besides all of that the trip was so fun!!!


so on my blog it will not let me change me color besides purple so if anyone knows how to fix it then great please help me!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Park City!

park city is so fun i loved it!!!! we are really here for my soccer tournament but we did not do very well we lost are first game and tied are second and won are last game 10-0 but that was for 3rd place!!!so we took third1 well i guess that, that is okay!? well anyways we did lots of other things that were fun there to like, got cafe rio and then went out to ice cream and that was not a good combination because that night i was staring at the toilet for like an half an hour maybe longer that was are first night! this is what are second day was like i woke up at 6:45 for my first soccer game and theni came back to are hotel and went into the hot tub, then i went to my second soccer game that we tied at 2:30 and then i came home and my family and i my grandparents and my aunt and uncle went out for pizza it was such good pizza and then we went out for ice cream again at cold stone i got cake batter with cookie dough it was so good it is my favorite, then we came back to the hotel and and got into the hot tub, then i went to bedD!! my third day was the funniest i think ever though i didn't have a soccer game we went to the alpine slide and got a all day ticket so we could do everything as many times as we want!! cool huh! we did everythig so many times i loved everything, me and my dad even stayed longer to do the zip line at first i was pretty scared but then we i was actually went down it, it was way fun and it was even all over these trees, then that night i went into the hot tub again and just had some ramen noodles that night and went to bed!! today i went out to breakfast with my grandparent yum, yum, yum then we went through this art festavail then i had the soccer game that i won, then i went swimming, then into the hot tub, then the shower,then some more ramen noodles well thanks for reading see you on my next post!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


guess what we won are soccer tournament you know the one that i was scared ya well we took first place cool huh!!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

savannah and me!!

i showed savannah my blog she wanted to say somthing on my blog!!! hi this is savannah hello all those people out there! i broke my foot by falling off the tramp! OW it hurts! and that is all i have to say today so see ya later!!